Friday, October 10, 2003

Scientology Ethics: Integrity, Honesty and Self-Esteem

How can an individual maintain his integrity and honesty so as to attain self-esteem in modern society? This is well covered in Scientology not only in theory but also in a very practical way that an individual can apply to his or her life. Some articles with workable data and methods can be found here: Scientology Handbook: Integrity, honesty and self-esteem.

My wife has been very successful in using this data with individuals having difficulties in their lives. She's worked with hundreds of people dealing with everything from failing marriages to failing businesses. One interesting example was a businessman trying to solve some serious problems with his business. Applying the principles given in these articles my wife helped him not only make his business successful but, as a side benefit, he realized that his lack of integrity and honesty in business had slopped over into his marriage, almost destroying it. He was very happy that he was able to save his marriage, his livelihood and his self-respect.

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