Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Use of Scientology Logic in Everyday Life

After my blog entry yesterday I started to notice how much I use the logic methods of Scientology in my everyday life.

For example, just today in a meeting, a colleague mentioned a problem he was having with some software. From my knowledge of logic it was clear to me that he was looking in the wrong place for the source of the problem. I told him where I thought the root of the problem lay and explained my reasoning at which point another person in the meeting realized that a change had been made in that very area the day the problem was first noticed. Addressing that change fixed the original problem.

Now I could just go around telling people I'm a genius (hmm, not a bad idea) but truthfully it's the Scientology Logic I've learned that helps me to solve this and many other problems. The definitive work on Scientology Logic is in a series of articles by L. Ron Hubbard called the "Data Series". These can be found in Volume One of the three volume Management Series. A more concise version can be found in the investigations chapter of the Scientology Handbook.