Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Scientology Logic 14

Logic 14 - Factors introduced into a problem or solution which do not derive from natural law but only from authoritarian command aberrate that problem or solution.

Note: aberrate means to depart from rationality. See "aberration" for a full definition.

I guess the best known example of this was the Prohibition Law in 1920's America. Drinking alcohol was a normal part of life for many people and suddenly it was made illegal as a solution to the perception by a minority of the population that drinking alcohol caused crime and affected the efficiency of workers. In other words the banning of alcohol was not derived from the customs of the people (natural law of sorts) so it had to be enforced by authoritarian command which then aberrate things further: Organized crime expanded, people died from drinking contaminated liquor, law enforcement became very unpopular, the rule of law fell into disrepute because prominent citizens and politicians violated the Prohibition Law, etc., etc.

Enforcing a solution that violates natural law is going to get you, and anyone else involved, into big trouble.

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