Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Scientology Logics - Part 2

Logic 2 - A body of knowledge is a body of data, aligned or unaligned, or methods of gaining data.

Logic 2, like Logic 1, is a basic that simply defines what a body of knowledge is. The fact that the knowledge can be aligned or unaligned doesn't prevent it from being knowledge. For example, physics is an area where the data is aligned and people recognize it as a body of knowledge, but what about some relatively unaligned field such as art? There is a body of knowledge there, it contains some data, many, many speculations and many conclusions. Understanding this can be to your advantage if you want to invest in the area. If you realize that the value of a painting is almost purely based on opinion and you know whose opinion is the most valuable then you can determine which picture to buy and for how much.

Contrast that to buying a house where the body of knowledge (physics) is aligned. You will check known principles and laws to make sure the house is a sound investment: Does it follow the building codes? Is it structurally sound? You will use little or no opinion in deciding to buy the house because the body of knowledge is aligned.

You can also look at an apparently unaligned body of knowledge and look to see if it is aligned. For example the subject of psychiatry seems completely unaligned. It contains no science and even determines if a "mental illness" exists by vote of it's members - that's how their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which lists all the official mental illnesses, keeps getting bigger and bigger. In court case after court case psychiatrist A, working for the defense, says the accused is insane while psychiatrist B, working for the prosecution, says he's sane.

However if you realize that psychiatry is aligned around money then their practices make complete sense. Psychiatrist A says the guy is insane because the defense is paying him, psychiatrist B says he's sane because the prosecution is paying him.

Why do psychiatrists still use Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) when it has been proven time and time again that it causes brain damage and that the majority of people who receive it die within a couple of years. If you are operating on the idea that psychiatry is aligned around the benefiting of mankind then it makes no sense, but if you realize that ECT is a big money maker then all is explained.

Again in this Logic we have "methods of gaining data" as being a body of knowledge in itself and, again, this makes knowledge a living, breathing, evolving entity.