Saturday, February 02, 2008

Answering Questions about Scientology

I made a post where I offered to answer people's questions about Scientology. I've had quite a few questions and I was answering them, but then work blew up and things have been busy and I've only been able to answer one question this week (pathetic!) plus I've hardly made any blog posts (even more pathetic!).

When I answer a question I try to find links and stuff to really answer it and I thought, "Hey, I'll answer the questions in comments on the post and I'll post any good links I find as blog entries too." Otherwise the links might get missed buried deep at the bottom of a page with tons of comments.

So here are the first fruits of my labors. I hope they are helpful:

Tell me if these are useful and if you have any questions feel free to post them. I'll answer them as quickly as I can, but be patient, I already have a backlog.

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SomethingNice said...

This is closer to what I wanted to say: I don't know why Scientologists are expected to explain the rumors other people make up about them, but I think you're doing a terrific job at it, and I enjoy reading your blogs.