Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scientology Beliefs

areynolds1 asked questions about Scientology beliefs.

Here is what we believe in Scientology: The Creed of the Church of Scientology and that is it as far as beliefs go. You see, Scientology is not founded on belief. It is based on studying the principles, applying them correctly and then seeing for yourself if it works or not. This is what makes Scientology different from other religions. You don't have to have faith. You don't have to take anyone's word for anything. You can make up your own mind. This article describes the mindset one should have in approaching Scientology and it's also a great way to approach life: Personal Integrity by L. Ron Hubbard.

The core, most important data of Scientology, the things that the religion is based upon, can be found in the books written by L. Ron Hubbard, all of which are available here: Scientology Basics Books and Lectures. When you go to the page you can click on the graphic of a book and you'll see what the book is about and how much it costs. These books and lectures form the foundation of Scientology. They are the core, they are the important data. If you want to know what Scientology is then this is where to look. (The best book to start with is either "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" or "Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought".)

areynolds1 said something about "the Scientology world-creation story" and then quoted some nonsense from the Internet. Let me tell you right here and now that if there is such a thing in Scientology as a "world-creation story" (although I've never heard the term used in the Church) then the place to find it is here: The Scientology Factors.

If you want to know about something then I say, don't mess around, go to the source. Probably the reason you can find so much BS about what Scientologists believe is that the people writing the nonsense don't understand the actual core data of Scientology and so go find a rumor they can understand and repeat it, ad nauseam.

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ludovico said...

The basic beliefs of Scientology are spelled out in the Scientology Axioms -- I am very fond of them
One of the criteria for a good axiom is whether it is fruitful -- does it spawn theorems derived from the axioms. I have never seen an example of any theorem derived from any of the axioms.
Has anyone else. I would be very interested.

Grahame said...


Everything mentioned in the article you just commented on is derived from the Scientology Axioms. In fact everything in Scientology comes from the axioms. They are the fundamentals that underly the entire religion.

If you want a better understanding of them so you can see how Scientology is derived from the axioms then I suggest reading the book Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought which should give you a better insight into this.