Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Answers to Questions on Scientology

I just added a couple more answers to questions about Scientology from Jim Gatos, SouthernBread and santarosa.

I've found that what I have to do to make sure the questions and answers are together is make a single comment starting with the question and followed by my answer (there are some minor variations). The reason for this is that I'm receiving quite a few questions and I can't ensure that the answer will be associated with the question. E.g., you get Question A then Question B then Answer to A then Question C then Question D then Answer to B, etc. This makes it hard to read.

Anyway, here are some good links that are in some of the answers:

- Part of an interview with David Miscavige
- Path to Salvation
- What was the Guardian’s Office and does it still exist?
- The Hidden Story of Scientology

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