Monday, February 25, 2008

Scientology Sunday Service & Other Services

I got a "question" from "David". Throughout his 'question' he comes across as very angry and over and over told me that I am lying.

Here is one of the "lies" he accuses me of:

There are no regular Sunday CoS services. Where are they? What would they be like? Would you stare at Ron for 2 hours? Auditing is the only "service" they provide, and that must be done one-on-one.

Unfortunately with fanatics like David it is impossible to reason with them. If I say that there are Sunday Services at Scientology Churches then I'm lying. The fact that I have attended such services makes no difference to David. Naturally I must be lying about that to. The fact that you can do a search on any search engine and find tons of data on the Scientology Sunday Service means nothing to the David's of this world.

Here are some sites I found when I did a search:
- Scientology Sunday Service, All are welcome
- Scientology Sunday Service in Australia
- Sunday Service at Celebrity Centre
- How do I learn about Scientology?
- Come to Scientology Sunday Service
The list goes on and on and on.

David also shows incredible ignorance and bigotry by his "questions". "Would you stare at Ron for 2 hours?" I was going to say something very nasty in response to that, but I will restrain myself; this is a public place and there may be children present :) . So, I'll just say, "No we wouldn't."

"Auditing is the only 'service' they provide, and that must be done one-on-one." Oh, dear me, David. You show in that one statement how little you know about Scientology. You show that although your "question" was all about the cost of Scientology services you have not bothered to study up on your subject. (I'm sort of cringing at where this is going, because I don't want to sound sarcastic or high-and-mighty but how am I supposed to respond to such a comment? Okay, I'll count to 10 and try to be good. 1, 2, ... 9, 10. )

In Scientology there are many, many "services". Let's start with Sunday Service.

The main part of a Scientology Sunday Service is the sermon which typically addresses a topic related to an important Scientology principle or practice and explores its relevance to everyday existence. Sometimes a recorded L. Ron Hubbard lecture will be played. This is followed by "Group Auditing" (also known as "Group Processing") (note that David: "Group") in which the minister conducting the service uses auditing to extrovert the attention of the attendees with the intention of orienting them to their present time environment and increasing their ability to communicate. Next come announcements regarding community outreach and benevolent activities that the Church and its parishioners are involved in, community programs, Church events, etc. The service ends with a reading of the "Prayer for Total Freedom." At the Sunday Services at Celebrity Centre (which I attended when I lived in LA) they also would often have musicians performing.

You can find out about some of the many other Scientology Services here:
- The Services of Scientology
- Introductory Services
(and please note, David, that they are not all one-on-one auditing).

To answer your other "questions", or maybe "accusations" would be a better word, I already covered them here: Answers to Questions regarding the cost of Scientology Services.

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Julia said...

Thanks for the great post! I wanted to confirm something that you said - I've attended several Sunday Services and I've always found them to be fun and enlightening. Also, there's often entertainment before the sermon and the sermon is usually fun and interactive. So, either I'm living in the Matrix or "David" is misinformed.