Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm a millionaire

In just the last few days I have become a millionaire. I've won 27 lotteries and several people in foreign countries have left millions of dollars to me. Isn't that great!

Somehow they managed to find me via email and just yesterday I even received an email from the FBI confirming that the money from Nigeria was for real and had been delayed because they needed my bank account number and PIN number. Once I supply them with that data the millions of dollars I've inherited will flow like sweat spring water into my bank account.

I just can't believe my luck.

I'm going to spend all those millions on the Viagra that the other nice advertisers have been telling me about and then I'll contact the Guinness Book of Records so they can come and measure my enormously long ... Well, let's not get too carried away here.

Do these spammers really get responses to their ridiculous emails? Does anyone ever fall for them? Is there anyone out there who knows of someone falling for it?


Milla said...

Hey! Maybe you suddenly got interested in genealogy and signed for genealogy sites. This happened to me about 2 years ago after I was visiting many of these sites. I also became a billionaire and many people from Africa died and I was the legal heir... They used to address to me as "Dear ----- (last name)", just the last name, you know they didn't even know if I were man or woman, nothing... They kept sending stuff for well over a year.

Fillard said...

Heh! I once responded to one of those Nigerian scam thingies. They told me some guy had died and, well, you know how they go. So I wrote back a long and heartfelt letter explaining that the dead guy was in fact my brother, who had disappeared mysteriously, and how my wife and I, destitute missionaries, were grateful beyond telling that we were about to receive this unexpected bounty. I told them they would be thrice blessed for helping us to carry on the Lord's work. I did such a great job that by the time I was done I was almost in tears.

Sadly and inexplicably, I never heard from them again. Perhaps I inspired them to start their own mission somewhere in some benighted heathen stronghold.


Tom Sherman

Grahame said...