Saturday, June 14, 2008

Subscribing to this blog

I have decided to use Feedburner for my blog feed. For those of you who are not very Internet literate, a blog feed is a file that is updated whenever a new article is added to the blog. A thing called a "Reader" or an "RSS Reader" monitors the file and whenever it is changed will inform you that there is more wonderful content to read.

People use all sorts of Readers: their My Yahoo page, Google Reader, iGoogle page, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Outlook and many more. They use the reader to get news and also the latest words of wisdom from their favorite bloggers.

So if you want to get the latest posts from this blog then click here (My Scientology Blog Feed) and add it to your Reader.

According to the Blogger help, if you subscribe to the old feed, you should be redirected to the new one. How well that works, I don't know. So I suggest you switch to the new feed.

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