Monday, June 23, 2008

Take your meds - get worse

Another psychiatric drug maker is being sued for billions over side-effects of it "wonder drug". Actually the only "wonder" of the drug Seroquel is that it is still on the market.

The side-effect is diabetes and estimated cost to the company of the litigation will be around $10 billion. There are currently 2,500 cases pending against the drug maker AstraZeneca including suits from three US states.

But is the drug off the market? Is AstraZeneca attempting to make up the damage it has done to all those people who now have diabetes thanks to its dangerous drug? No. They are fighting on to protect their shareholders from loss. Shame that AstraZeneca, like most other drug companies, cares for the almighty dollar more than the health and welfare of the people who use its drugs.

Read the article: Astra CEO in London trial will take stand


Jim Gatos said...

The folks from your religion who are taking a stand against this injustice will someday be remembered as pioneers; Please feature a post on THIS article here...

Grahame said...

Wow! I just read that article. I will feature it in a blog post. People need to know about this.

In business "conflict of interest" is a big deal, but in medicine it seems to be "standard operating procedure".

Doctors should have to publicly disclose money they receive from drug companies so their patients can see how the doctor's decisions are being influenced by that money.