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Clearing the Planet Question

CD said:

I haven't asked any questions in awhile, and I have actually just quietly read your work. I have enjoyed your patient explanations, as well as your humor.

I just had one question this time, rather simple really,

I understand that the Church of Scientology, among other goals, has its main mission to "clear the planet" or rid the world of reactive minds thus bringing about a utopian world where the goals of Scientology are reality.

But to do courses, auditing, training etc. in the Chruch one must pay a great deal of money to advance.

Of course books are rather cheap, and the simpler the course the cheaper the donation, but to ascend in such a manner to become "clear" or "OT" either a great deal of money is required or one can work for the church and recieve a discount.

So, with that prologue,

How does the Church of Scientology expect to clear every person on Earth with such donation prequisites?

Most middle class Americans, with such considerations as rising gas prices, rising food prices, mortgage rates, house forclosures, and economic instability, are unwilling to pay such donation rates, and middle class americans by world standards, are rather wealthy indeed.

So how then, does the Chruch plan on clearing the impoversihed villages of Africa?

Or the war torn Eastern European states?

Or the dictatorships and drug ridden towns in South America?

Or the simple aborigines of Australia?

Or the starving in India, where cannibalism practice rates have risen as high as 2% of the population over the years?

Don't get me wrong, I understand fully that all religious organizations, rely on the support of their parishoners for their well being. Many Chruches require tithing for membership, such as the LDS church.

But given the goal of a "clear planet", how does the Church expect to reach, disseminate to, and clear war torn, impoverished, starving regions of the world?

Or even, just the majority of the world, such as in South America, Africa, and parts of Aisa, where people, matter of factly, live simply, with almost no money?

If many Americans will not pay such donation rates, how does the Church plan on acquiring such extensive donations from such poverty stricken or even just simple populations, which make up the majority of the world?



One question? I counted a lot more than that :) If you could ask one at a time, I'd appreciate it. I'm pressed for time right now.

The actual aims of Scientology are given here: Aims of Scientology (the brief version is "A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights").

People use the slang phrase "Clear the planet" but the actual aims are as given on that link.

I can't speak for the long-term planning of the Church, but I'll give you my ideas on how the things you asked about will be handled:

Scientology services currently cost money. This is simply a necessity of survival. In the Western World you need money or you go under. Scientology doesn't have a couple thousand years of history in which to have gathered massive resources so the Church has to request donations for its services that enable it to survive. This could change in the future.

Currently if a person has an income so low that it precludes paying for services then the idea is to help them gradually become more able via free, intro and other low cost services. Then once they are more able and therefore more able to earn income they will be able to donate. This is a win-win scenario.

As Churches grow there will be more people able to deliver free services such as students in training to become ministers (auditors). Therefore, more and more people in difficult situations can be helped. It's all a matter of resources. Also, co-auditing can be done with basics such as Dianetics with little or no outlay of money.

On helping people in third world countries: The Church currently has Volunteer Minister projects running in many third world areas. The idea is to help these people raise their countries to a higher level of prosperity. Right now there are a lot of Scientology and Dianetics groups in African countries where people are co-auditing with basic auditing procedures. There are also several African countries that use Study Technology in their school systems.

I hope that gives you an idea. I am not privy to the long term plans and strategies of Church Management but I'm sure they have much more in mind to achieve the Aims of Scientology and help the people's of Earth.

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C.D said...

Thanks for the thorough response.
I appreciate you taking time out to address it.