Monday, July 21, 2008

Cost of Scientology Services - Again

This question has been covered extensively here: Cost of Scientology Services. However, it seems from Tom's question that there is still some misunderstanding, so I will answer it again in order to clear up any confusion.

Tom Newton asks:

Ok, my question is this. You say "training" in scientology costs very little compared to a 4 year degree in any other religion.

OT VIII costs upwards of $300,000 USD to attain, assuming you have no "overts" to "go over again" (aka another intensive at $12,500USD). - Amounts taken from ASHO ordering form.

A 4 year degree cost at most $50,000USD from any recognized theological college.

Would you care to explain possibly where my data is incorrect in regards to this?

Hey Tom Newton, I will try to explain where your data is incorrect.

First of all, your data confuses Scientology Training with Scientology Auditing. For example, OT VIII is not training, it is a level of spiritual ability reached through Auditing.

Training is what you do to learn how to apply the spiritual technology of Scientology to help others. This would compare with the degree at the theological college. I don't have price lists handy but $50,000 would be more than enough to get you up to Class VIII, the highest level of auditor training if you are not working in a Church. This is actually equivalent to more than a four year degree.

Auditing is the spiritual counseling that uses the spiritual technology. Auditing is more expensive than training because it is one-on-one and requires a lot of support staff for it to be delivered standardly. There is a very large amount of auditing available in Scientology. For example I am on OT VII and it has taken me over 30 years to get that far and it has NOT cost me $300,000. I don't know where that figure comes from but it is not accurate.

Also, if you want to pay less for auditing then you can get trained and find someone else to "co-audit" with - you audit them and they audit you. Or you can work in a Church and get your auditing for free. The way it works is the more you help others the less it costs you.

On your data that intensives (12 1/2 hours of auditing) cost "$12,500" - I have never ever paid that much for an intensive. Also the statement "Amounts taken from ASHO ordering form" means that your figures for such things as the cost of all services up to OT VIII are going to be wrong because ASHO doesn't deliver even half of those services. It is primarily a training Church that delivers very specialized auditing services, so any figures you get from an ASHO donations list are not representative of other Churches. (Perhaps that's what the $12,500 figure was, something very specialized.)

I hope that answers your questions.

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