Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apology to Jim Gatos

Jim is a reader of my blog and often posts great comments. Unfortunately my backlog of handling comment moderation caused me to not post or answer several of Jim's comments. Sorry Dude!!! As of right now I've posted and answered everything. So please continue making comments and giving me your excellent insights.


Jim Gatos said...

There's nothing to apologize about, truthfully, and I really mean truthfully, I've been bogged down myself with a lot of work. As a real estate agent I have been trying to help a couple of folks avoid foreclosure by putting together "shortsale" packages for banks... and lately I've been just reading, not posting much of anything, even though I host two blogs of my own. Besides, I certainly wouldn't want to bog down anyone else's blog LOL..

Take care.. Yup, I do read a couple of blogs on a daily basis and of course yours is at the top.


Grahame said...

I'm glad you understand. I hate backlogging my comment moderation, but it does happen.

Glad to hear you are surviving the real estate meltdown. I only heard the term "short-sale" a couple of weeks ago. It's sad that so many people are effected by the sub-prime loans fiasco.

Good that you are helping these guys avoid foreclosure and still managing to read blogs.

Mine is at the top - wow! I'm honored!