Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scientology and Open Heart Surgery

Burkhart asked about getting Scientology auditing from the FreeZone because it is "cheaper".

My answer:
Simple answer is that you can't get Scientology auditing from the FreeZone because the FreeZone isn't Scientology. It's like going to your buddy Joe for some open heart surgery because he watched an episode of ER. You just aren't going to get proper open heart surgery, but it's a lot cheaper.


goherbal said...

My analogy would be:
You could get open-heart surgery from a certified surgeon at a reputable hospital, OR, you could go to Tijuana and put your life in the hands of a dentist who lost his medical license 10 years ago and has since been "learning surgery" through an Internet forum.

Years ago I saw a great BMW commercial. The tagline was: "You can choose BMW. Or live with the uncomfortable feeling of having settled for less."


John said...

Tons of things are cheaper. TV sets are cheaper, used cars are cheaper, iPods are cheaper.

What have these things got to do with Scientology auditing?


What has Freezone "auditing" have to do with Scientology auditing?


I saw a documentary on the Freezone. The TV reporter got into trouble in study. He was having a really hard time. In studying Scientology, we have a whole technology with very exact procedures. These would be used to get a student out of trouble and happy with his study again.

Did the Freezone guy use these techniques?

No. He sat down with the guy and gave his interpretation of what the passage meant.

That is NOT what you do.

It was very weird.

It's kind of like somebody with a diamond studded Cartier watch using it to hammer a nail into a piece of wood.

John Davis