Sunday, March 02, 2008

Scientology versus the world - Part 1

DocORock asked a couple of questions buried in a comment. I'll answer the first one here and the other one tomorrow. If I missed any then, DocORock, you'll just have to post an actual question rather than a comment.

DocORock said: I think the problem most people have with Scientology is that it comes across as warring the world.

Grahame answered:
You could only get that impression if you read anti-Scientology web sites. The anti-religious extremists (aka "critics") want to create that impression. In fact that is not the way it is at all. If you could give me some specific examples (just post another comment) then I can address them.

The way your statement is worded is rather general and makes answering it difficult. But I'll do my best. Here are some examples of how the world really views Scientology and what the views of Scientologists really are:

- Scientology Founder Awarded
- For tsunami survivors, a touch of Scientology
- Who is Scientology Open to?
- The Scientology Blogosphere (blogs by Scientologists)
- Yalama Scientology! Thank you! - One Volunteer's Story
- Scientology Volunteer Ministers Join Grassroots Initiative to Tackle Illiteracy, Conflict and Substance Abuse in the Northern Territory of Australia
- Scientology Volunteers Help in One of Southern California's Worst Fires Seasons-
- Scientology in Society

Actually this site, Scientology Today, contains tons of articles on how Scientologists are helping others all over the world.

Here are a few of the other things we do to help mankind:
- The largest volunteer organization in the world
- The largest human rights educational program in the world
- The largest drug educational program in the world
- The largest and most effective drug rehabilitation network in the world
- A grass-roots literacy movement helping kids from deprived areas learn how to read and write

Here are statistics of Scientology, Scientology Statistics. I don't think you'd be getting expansion like this if you were in constant conflict with the rest of the world.

The only time we (Scientologists) get into conflicts is when we step on the toes of a vested interest. We help someone or expose some activity that is damaging people and this takes money from the pocket of some greedy person who cares only for his own bank account and doesn't give a damn about other people. In such a case we are tenacious in getting blocks to helping others handled. Luckily the vast majority of people in the world are good hearted and welcome all the help they can get.

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