Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scientology Expansion

It has just been announced that a new Advanced Organization is being created in Africa. This is great news for Scientology and Scientologists and is another sign of the huge expansion Scientology is currently experiencing.

For people not familiar with what an Advanced Organization (AO) is or how this shows huge expansion, let me explain. The structure of the Church of Scientology is described here: Ecclesiastical Structure of Scientology - that tells you all the details. The quick overview is: there are different kinds of Scientology Churches:
There are hundreds of Missions and Class V Churches and these deliver the majority of the spiritual services and training available in Scientology. There are four AOs in the world, they deliver more advanced services and training.. There is only one Flag and one Freewinds, they deliver the most advanced services and training. See the links above for more details on what that all means.

The last AO was formed over 20 years ago in Australia so the announcement that a new AO is forming in Africa means that there is so much expansion going on that the existing AOs are not enough to handle the number of people who want the Advanced Courses these churches deliver.

The premises for the new AO in Africa have been purchased and the place is beautiful. It's out in the country side and is a huge property with a 5-star hotel and lots of other buildings. Perfect for the volume of people who will be going there.

So, that's the news!

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