Wednesday, October 01, 2008

17 year old Human Rights Activist Lecturing At the Police Academy

A month ago I posted a video (Amazing Speech) of a young girl who made an impassioned speech to the UN for a better world. Today I came across an article about a 17 year-old-girl from India who has been active in the Human Rights field since she was 13 and was recently recognized for her contributions to Human Rights. (Teen who Represented India at UN Human Rights Summit Recognized as Human Rights Activist)

Here is an excerpt from the article:
“I am now on the faculty of the police training college in Delhi, and on an average I go there once every two weeks to give lectures about human rights and why it is important for law enforcement officials to know about it,” said Natasha, now a freshman majoring in English literature from Delhi’s Daulatram College. “I educate roughly about 2,000 police officers and students in just one lecture. I have really seen a great change in India, and human rights violations are less than before thanks to efforts of various NGOS and individuals.” Natasha described the government as “making great efforts” toward guaranteeing human rights.
I think this is awesome. This girl is really making a difference. I wish I'd been that together when I was 17.

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