Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Study: Psych Drugs kill 23,000 elderly in the UK every year

Here is an alarming article about a study done in the UK that shows over 23,000 elderly patients are killed by psych drugs administered to "keep them quiet".

Ballard and colleagues found that Alzheimer's patients who were treated with anti-psychotics had a significantly higher rate of death than those given a placebo. After 24 months of treatment, only 54.8 percent of the anti-psychotic group was still alive, compared with 78 percent of the placebo group. By 42 months, the survival rates had dropped to 28 percent in the anti-psychotic group and 60 percent in the placebo group.
Those are frightening statistics. You can read the full story here: 23,000 Alzheimer's Patients Killed Each Year in the U.K. by Psych Drugs.

These drugs are not only damaging to the brain but they also cause heart attacks and more and according to this study they actually don't help the people they are given to. Isn't it time we stopped drugging our children, elderly and ourselves just so drug companies can make huge profits?

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