Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boston "Anonymous" leader in trouble with the Law

Thanks to Louanne for bringing this to my attention. It seems a "leader" of "Anonymous" in Boston has to stay away from Church of Scientology buildings or face prosecution for "disturbing an assembly of worship and disturbing the peace."

Apparently Gregg Housh entered the Church wearing a Guy Fawkes mask "disturbing the proceedings and alarming those inside." Now, to put it in simple terms, he is sort of "on probation" for a year and has to stay away from Church buildings in Boston. For all the details:

Scientology Protester’s Case Continued Without Finding
Church of Scientology owns Boston Anonymous

One last comment. I find it abhorrent that these Anonymous guys go around violating Human Rights (specifically the right to freedom of belief) while wearing the Guy Fawkes masks worn by the hero in the movie "V for Vendetta".

In the movie, "V" fights against an oppressive government to bring rights back to the people. (One of the two rights highlighted in the movie is freedom of religion.) Anonymous on the other hand fights to take rights (and specifically freedom of religion) away from people.

In the words of Shakespeare (and as used by "V" in the movie to characterize one of the bad guys): "And thus I clothe my naked villany, With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ, And seem a saint, when most I play the devil." (From Richard III - I recommend the play to all members of Anonymous. It describes very clearly how your "leaders" are using you.)


C.D said...


I was wondering why you stopped answering questions, as you haven't done so in weeks.

I will re-ask a previous question:

What would you do to improve the church? What do you wish Hubbard did better, or what do you wish current management would do?

Just again, what are some problems or needed improvements, wand what would you fix?

theworldcanchange said...

Yeah well what does he expect? You can't go around violating people's rights to religious freedom and breaking the law. Sooner or later it catches up with you. The quote from Shakespeare sums it up real well.

Grahame said...

Hey CD,

Actually I did answer those questions on the post where you asked them: Comment from CD on the "Basic Scientology Books in Public Libraries" post.

It's possible I was a bit tardy in answering. I've been near the end of a major project at work for a couple months now and there have been some extremely busy weeks where I've not had much time to answer comments and questions. (You should have seen how many backlogged emails I had to answer!)

The project should be over by the end of next week and I hope things will be back to a more normal pace then.