Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life as a Game

When one is mired down in the sometimes titanic struggle of existence, he is apt to discount the fact that there is joy in living.
L. Ron Hubbard from the book The Problems of Work

When the stock market is crashing, when the financial markets are melting down and when the press is gleefully bombarding us with bad news, it is difficult to realize that there is joy in living. So what can you do about it?

One datum given in the book "The Problems of Work" is that life is a game. "A what?" You exclaim as you stare at the pile of bills on the table. "Is that some kind of sick joke?" No, it is a sober fact because:

A game consists of: Freedoms, Barriers and Purposes.
There are many more complicated factors involved in games, but these are all listed in Scientology.
Just stop for a moment and examine your life.
  • Do you know what your Purposes are?
  • Do you know what the Freedoms are that help you to achieve your Purposes?
  • Do you know what the Barriers are that get in the way of achieving your Purposes?
If you knew these things, not only would you have clarified your own life, but you would have gained a valuable tool that you could apply to every area of your life.

Example: someone is giving you a hard time at work. What is the game he is playing? What are the Freedoms, Barriers and Purposes that he is involved with? How come he thinks you are a Barrier?

"The Problems of Work" contains more data on games and how they apply to life as well as a ton of other extremely useful tools for living. Get it today! The Problems of Work

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