Saturday, October 18, 2008

Anonymous hacker faces up to 10 years in prison

Earlier this year the Internet entity that calls itself "Anonymous" launched attacks on Church of Scientology and related websites in an attempt to take them off the Internet. This type of attack (called a "ddos" attack) throw so much bogus traffic at a website that it can't display pages for legitimate users. These attacks originate from hijacked computers. The attacker manages to install some "trojan horse" software on someone else's computer and then uses that computer for these attacks, sending spam, etc.

So who or what is Anonymous? Its ranks range from the criminal to the immature. If you ever wondered where all that spam comes from that advertises drugs or who it is that creates viruses and spyware that forces you to install anti-virus software so your computer isn't hijacked and used for promoting drugs and porn or for launching ddos attacks, then there is a high probability the source is a member of Anonymous.

You can see that people who make their money from drugs and pornography are not going to be very happy with an organization that promotes a drug free and moral lifestyle. And that probably explains why the attacks earlier this year were not only against Church sites but included the Foundation for a Drug Free World, Youth for Human Rights, Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, The Way to Happiness Foundation, Narconon, and others similar groups.

The activities of the Church of Scientology and its members cuts into the income of these people, and they don't like it. The hard-core criminals of Anonymous recruit help from the ranks of the gullible and hateful. They spread black-propaganda against their intended victim, the gullible fall for it and the hateful see it as a great excuse to express the hatred that boils inside them.

So, what has been the outcome of these attacks? Well, all Church sites and the sites of related groups were back up and running, some within hours some within days, and the attacks, being criminal actions, are being investigated by the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

The people who carry out such attacks really believe they are "anonymous" but the apprehension of Dmitriy Guzner for his part is these attacks shows that this belief is fallacious. You can read what is happening to Dmitriy here, New Jersey Man Charged With Attacking Church Of Scientology Websites In The Name Of ‘Anonymous’ and here, Hacker Admits to Scientology DDOS Attack: Faces up to 10 Years in Federal Prison.

The investigation of these attacks is not over. I look forward to seeing more criminals apprehended.

Scientologists are not breaking any laws by following their religion, but those who attack them for their beliefs are committing crimes and will face the consequences.


LL said...

Hi Grahame,

the next bomb fell in Boston...

- Louanne

Grahame said...

Thanks Louanne,

The law is there to protect the innocent and it looks like it is doing its job where "Anonymous" is concerned.