Monday, December 22, 2008

Scientology and Aliens

Crystal just posted an excellent article about Aliens and Scientology. I think she tells the truth about this subject very well.

Have a read and tell me what you think: Aliens!

You can read my take on this subject here: Why Aliens?


Only Love Can Do That said...

Well, you asked me to tell you what I think, so I will: I think that anything written by a Scientologist that denies that aliens are central to the religion is A. Written by someone who has not gotten through the firewall, or B. A blatant lie.

Grahame said...

The "firewall"???

Wow. You are a real expert aren't you. You must have studied real hard to come up with that one.

Must have taken all of ten whole minutes to mis-understand some crap written by someone else who didn't have a clue.

SomethingNice said...

I like how Crystal said, in the article you linked to, about how "LRH stresses again and again that the auditor must NOT invalidate, contradict, belittle or evaluate what someone says during auditing."

Just because Scientologists DON'T insist you must NOT believe in something, doesn't mean Scientologists have to believe in it.

That sentence could be better formed, but people who tell me what I "must not" believe are just as annoying as people who tell me what I "must" believe. I'd rather look and sort it out for myself.

I've studied Scientology and anti-scientology too. The anti-scientologists are a lot more obsessed about aliens than Scientologists.

What an anti-scientologist believes Scientologists believe is not necessarily what Scientologists actually believe.