Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scientology is Wisdom: Secrets of the Universe

People have talked about the "secrets of the universe" for millennia. The implication is that there is some deep and esoteric knowledge about the universe that was somehow known in the past and is now either lost or hidden.

I don't know if that is true or not, but I will say that the basic truths about this universe are presented in Scientology. In their raw form they are a bit tough to understand, but when presented in the correct sequence with additional explanation they are not difficult at all.

So, Let's start with the Scientology Logics, which are described as
The Logics form a gradient scale of association of facts necessary to
understand and resolve any problem. They are used to predict behavior and
clarify the entire field of thought. The Logics are a method of thinking and
could be called “how to think.” The basic common denominators of all education
may be found in the Logics.
When I started this blog way back in 2003, I did a whole set of posts based on the Logics. At that time, Blogger didn't have tags so these articles are now hard to find. So, just for you, I am going back over them and adding tags, fixing some formatting and correcting some old dead links. It will take me a few days so, in the meantime, I'll give you some links to help you find them:

- November 2003 (contains the first half of the articles on the Scientology Logics)
- December 2003 (contains the second half of the articles on the Scientology Logics)
If these two are slow to open then another way to get there is to open up "2003" and then "November" or "December" in my "Blog Archive" section.

Once I have reviewed all the articles, you will be able to see them here: Scientology Logics.



thezman said...

Here is the thing for all of you Scientology people. You have nothing to back up what you believe!!!! Just because you logic in your minds and reason something to be true does not mean that it is! Don't get me wrong, you have every right to believe what you will, however just do not believe or follow blindly. I can believe that the sky is green with pink and orange polka dots but it is not and no matter how much I believe it, that does not change the fact. Your logic is good in some respects and totally off in others. This religion is inconsistent. Believe what you want to believe, just realize that you are trusting in what you have just made up or reasoned in your mind to be true, and that does not mean that it is by any means. I know that this is an extreme example and does not contrast well with you all of course, but Adolf Hitler believed with all of his heart that he was doing a service to mankind by killing 6 million Jews. But was he? Of course not. (And i am not of course comparing scientology with Hitler, please do not mistake me that is not my intention) but just becauase he thought it was ok or right does not mean that it was. you religion teaches that we are inherintly good people and that we are our own "god" (if that is what you mean by spiritual being). well if we each are gods than LOGIC AND REASON would say that we can determine what right and wrong are. So if I decide that doing drugs is right, then is it? or if i decide that helping old ladies cross the street is wrong, is it? No! If we are all the gods of our own universe, than LOGIC suggests and states that there are no absolutes. If I were to ask one of you if there were no absolutes, your LOGIC would suggest an answer of NO. and then i would say, "Are you abosolutely sure?" LOGIC and REASON are faulty.

Grahame said...

Hey thezman,

You seem very passionate in what you say, but if it is okay with you, I'd like to ask you to just sit back and chill a little and then continue reading from a less emotional viewpoint.

You say "you have nothing to back up what you believe". That's a big sweeping generality. We believe a lot of things so can you give an example of what we believe that you don't think can be backed up?

I can honestly say that everything I've come across so far in Scientology is "backed up" by the fact that I could experience it and that often my life changed for the better after I experienced it. E.g., recalling past lives. (What do Scientologists Believe? (Part 2)

(Also, Scientology is a religion and there is no tradition for religious beliefs to be backed up by anything, so I don't understand what your problem is here.)

You say "your logic is good in some respects and totally off in others". Again this is a big generality. Can you give me something specific? Which of the Scientology Logics are you referring to?

I don't get your point about Hitler thinking he was right. Every psychotic totalitarian since well before Genghis Khan has probably believed he was right in everything he did. That doesn't mean he was. When evaluating right and wrong you have to take into account the entirety of life - that is a Scientology principle - based on that yardstick, you can safely say that Hitler's actions caused far more destruction than good when you take into account all of life. What he "thought" was right and wrong is irrelevant, you have to judge actions against a sane yardstick.

You say "your religion teaches that we are inherently good people and that we are our own "god" (if that is what you mean by spiritual being)." That isn't quite what we mean. Here is a description: What is a Thetan?.

I'm sorry, but your line of reasoning from "if we each are gods then ..." to the end doesn't make much sense to me.

I think that what you are missing is Scientology Logic 8 (A datum can be evaluated only by a datum of comparable magnitude). In order to evaluate if something is "right" or "wrong" you need something to compare it to. Your line of reasoning is missing that. Take a look at this article: Ethics and see if that helps give you something to compare actions against to see if they are "good" or "bad".

You are also missing the fact that even if a person were "god of his own universe", when he is dealing with other people he is not dealing with his own universe. He is dealing with the physical universe which is very different to his own universe - a lot of other people are involved in the physical universe.

Because you are dealing with the physical universe you have to take into account a lot more viewpoints than just your own. Take a look at Scientology Logic 12 and tell me if that changes your line of reasoning.

Thanks for your comment and I appreciate your fervor.

Grahame said...

Hey thezman,

I got your latest comment. Thanks!

I really appreciate that you are asking me questions and putting down all your thoughts.

One problem with the comment is that it is one paragraph that is over 1,300 words long. That makes it very long when it gets onto the blog and very hard to read.

One of my goals for the blog is to inform people accurately about Scientology. This means the "conversations" that comments represent are important because they will often answer people's questions or give a new insight.

So, with that in mind, could I ask you to comment again but this time keep it short and one only one topic.

What I'd really appreciate is if you would look over my reply to your first comment and respond to the questions I had for you.

Don't worry that some of your questions will be lost. We can have a complete conversation about each thing you want to ask about.

We have all the time in the world, so let's not rush. Let's finish up on one subject and then get started on the next.

If we keep our exchanges short then that makes it easy for other people to read and follow.

What do you say?