Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What do Scientologists Believe? (Part 2)

In my post on Saturday entitled, What do Scientologists Believe? (Part 1), I asked the question: "So what makes me think that these past lives I am recalling are real? "

The answer is simple: After addressing traumatic incidents from past lives, problems in my current life have gone away.

I was having some problems doing my job. I seemed unable to do certain duties successfully. As part of handling this I got a procedure known as "False Data Stripping." This process helps you to inspect the data associated with a subject and the source of that data so you can separate out the true from the false.

I inspected some data that I'd gotten this lifetime that seemed false to me, we got to the end of the steps for handling it, but it was still sort of sticking to me. So we went on to the next step which is to ask for an "earlier similar false datum".

I found a false datum and I found the time when I'd been given it and the person who gave it to me. It was definitely not an incident from this life. As I was inspecting the whole thing I started to wonder "Why did I accept this ridiculous datum from a guy who lived in a dark and smelly cave?" and "Why won't this obviously false datum go away? Why does it continue to 'stick' to me?"

After going over it a bit more I finally realized that what he had told me was actually a great excuse for bad things I had done earlier in that life and for the situation I was in at the time I consulted him. It all boiled down to the fact that I had gotten myself into a mess and what they guy was saying excused it all.

Having seen this, the datum became 'unstuck' and I could now accept or reject it at will. Following this, my job went much better and I also noticed an associated win: I could now stand up and talk in front of groups, something that had terrified me before.

I'll give another example tomorrow.

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