Thursday, September 11, 2008

What do Scientologists Believe? (Part 3)

To continue from yesterday (What do Scientologists Believe? (Part 2)), here is another example:

I used to get headaches. I was addressing this in Scientology Auditing and we found an incident in this life where I'd banged my head. That didn't handle it, so the Auditor asked if there was an earlier similar incident and I found one where I'd been hit in the face with something that looked like a wrecking ball. This was obviously not from this lifetime.

I went through the incident several times until the pain and trauma were gone from it and the incident no longer bothered me. I have never had those headaches since then.

So because in those two examples, and in the many, many other incidents and issues I have addressed and successfully handled in Scientology Auditing, I am convinced that what I am recalling is totally real.

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