Friday, September 19, 2008

More on What Scientologists are expected to do

I mentioned the human rights activities of the Church of Scientology yesterday but I only scratched the surface. Here are some more details:
  • Human rights info kits are being sent to every city, state and national legislature.
  • Human rights lesson plans are going out to social studies classes on six continents
  • Human rights awareness ads are running in government publications to reach those in positions of power.
  • PSAs produced for the campaign are being broadcast all over the world and can also be seen on the web. Human Rights Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • A human rights world tour that visited many countries this year such as:
    • Nigeria where the human trafficking and bogus drug dumping problems were addressed
    • Kenya to address repression and ethnic cleansing
    • Pakistan where the PSAs and a plan for national implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were presented to Pakistan's Human Rights Director.
    • Taiwan where the tour met with the Vice President and began the human rights program in elementary schools.
    • Venezuela where 8,000 students rallied for human rights at the central Mercedes Square in Valencia and 150,000 met at a Youth for Human Rights rally on the Plaza Brion in Caracas. Many Venezuelan celebrities appear on the cover of the "What are Human Rights" booklet.
  • and more.
This is all being paid for by donations from Scientologists. We are serious about making human rights a reality in this world.

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