Thursday, September 18, 2008

What the Church of Scientology wants its members to do

You can tell a lot by reading the internal magazines of an organization. For example, several years ago my wife tried her hand at multi-level-marketing. The magazine the company put out was all about how to build your "down-line" (that means people who you got into the MLM). The people featured in the magazine were people with huge down-lines and it showed their fancy cars and how affluent they were. The mag promoted going to sales training events and was very ra-ra about sales. That is what you'd expect from an entity that was basically a sales company.

So what does the Church of Scientology talk about in its internal magazines? Well, I just received two, so over the next couple of days I'll tell you what is in them. Let's start with a major issue being promoted in both magazines: The Church's human rights campaign. The Church is involved in a major human rights campaign. Something about the campaign was reported in this article "International Youth Summit Demands Governments Restore Fundamental Human Rights". The two magazines go into detail about the campaign, the countries it is running in, the number of people who have been impacted by the campaign, people involved in it, and more. The campaign promotes human rights and human rights education, it does not promote the Church or the religion of Scientology. The two magazines heavily promote that Scientologists should get involved with the campaign and help make human rights a reality.

Here is more data on the campaign:
The Church of Scientology Human Rights Campaign
Youth for Human Rights

I'll tell you more of what is in the magazines tomorrow.

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