Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Scientology is Solutions: Drug Addiction

For someone who has never suffered the physical and mental anguish of drug addiction, it is easy to say "get over it" or think that drug addicts are weak willed, but anyone who has been in the horrible situation of being addicted to drugs and who has attempted to get free of their death grip knows how hard it truly is.

It's easy to get addicted. There are plenty of ill-intentioned people out there who are only too willing to supply the initial hit that will create a paying customer for life. And whether the drug is illegal or given by prescription makes little difference to the addict for the results are the same, the only difference being who the money goes to: a pusher on the street or a pusher in a plush corporate office.

So what can be done about this world-wide epidemic?

First is to educate children, teens and even adults so they understand the truth about drugs: The Foundation for a Drug Free World is an organization sponsored by the International Association of Scientologists. It's website just got a major overhaul: Foundation for a Drug Free World. They provide a ton of educational materials including booklets on each of the common drugs people get addicted to, and a set of award-winning Public Service Announcements which quickly communicate the truth about drugs.

Next is to encourage kids to take responsibility for themselves and others where drugs are concerned. The "Drug Free Marshals" (Drug Free Ambassadors outside North America) campaign encourages kids to sign a "Drug Free" pledge and to be active, helping their friends stay off drugs.

Next is to help those who are addicted to free themselves. L. Ron Hubbard developed secular (non-religious) methods to help people get off drugs. The largest drug rehab network in the world, Narconon, uses these methods to get people off drugs and gives them the tools they need to avoid being caught in the trap of drugs again. Narconon has the highest success rate of any drug rehab program (Narconon Program Results).

Finally there is warning people of the dangers of drugs prescribed by doctors who have not been honestly informed by drug companies of their horrendous side-effects: Making A Killing (Documentary).

Scientologists are involved in all the above programs. We want to see people live better lives by being free of harmful drugs.


Bird * said...

If people would adopt healthier eating habits, they would not have to depend on Rx Drugs. go Vegan. go Raw. go Organic.

Grahame said...

Hey Bird,

I think what you say would definitely help. (Anyone interested in learning why a Vegan diet is so healthy should read this book: The China Study)

People also use drugs for reasons other than poor health caused by poor diet: The Reason Behind the Drug Problem