Sunday, November 16, 2008

A note for Truth

Some guy calling him/herself "Truth" is whining about me not posting or answering his/her comments/questions.

Well, firstly "Truth", you should have read my commenting guidelines because your antagonistic tone violated them. See my Rules.

Despite that, I was going to answer them. Unfortunately you posted a ton of questions and I have a life, which means I have a limited amount of time to answer your questions. You may not realize it but to give a proper answer can sometimes require research to give accurate information or can require digging around to find the correct url to link to. So when you post 6 comments containing 15 questions and a whole lot of statements/assertions that each require a response, then you are asking me to devote hours and hours of my precious time to someone who is clearly opposed to me and my religion.

So you will just have to chill and be prepared to wait until I get the time to answer them.

Of course, now that you have made another antagonistic comment today about the fact that I haven't yet answered your earlier antagonistic comments/questions, I'm debating whether to just click the "reject" link on them all.

Hmmm ... I'll give it a couple days and see if I feel like answering them then.

P.S., If I misinterpreted your comments as antago when they were not meant that way, then sorry, but try reading them from my viewpoint and I think you'll find that they come across as very unfriendly.

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