Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scientology is Solutions: People (Who can you Trust?)

The Emotional Tone Scale
People can be a blessing or a bane. There are people who are so awesome that just by being around them you feel good. And there are people who are such creeps that they leave you feeling like someone poured a bucket of slime over you.

How can you predict how the people you come into contact with are going to behave? Which ones do you want to keep as friends and which ones do you want to dump, pronto?

Who do you want to employ and who do you want to lose the telephone number of?

Who can you trust with your personal secrets and who will blab them all over Facebook?

There is a way to tell. It is called the Emotional Tone Scale and you can see a video all about it here: The Emotional Tone Scale.

You can read the basics of what it is and how to use it here: Understanding and Predicting What People will Do.

I've used the tone scale very successfully in my life. I've helped friends solve some pretty rough problems and I've used it to make many wonderful new friends.

Study the tone scale, use it in life and tell me what you found.

More data on Scientology is Solutions: People (Who can you Trust?)

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