Monday, November 24, 2008

Psychiatrist Radio Host Has Drug Company Ties

A psychiatrist who is the host of a popular radio show on health, and who promotes drugs as the preferred treatment, has been exposed as receiving at least $1.3 million in the last few years from drug companies without disclosing it to his producer or his listeners.

Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin has been exposed by Senator Charles E. Grassley as part of Grassley's ongoing investigation into conflict of interest amongst the nation’s leading researchers and doctors. He is comparing their conflict-of-interest disclosures with records of actual payments from drug companies. And he is finding that the records often conflict, sometimes starkly.

The full story of this psychiatrist and his selling of his professional soul to drug companies is given here: Radio Host Has Drug Company Ties


desi said...

Dude. Aren't they ALL hooked up with the drug companies somehow?

Grahame said...

Many are. But there is a growing number of psychiatrists who are getting sick of how their profession acts as drug pushers. You can see several of them in the "Making a Killing" video.