Monday, November 10, 2008

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs

Here is some more data on the problem I posted about earlier (Prescription Drugs More Deadly Than Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamines). This new article has more data from more sources showing that we have an epidemic of prescription drug abuse and addiction.

A report by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission has concluded that prescription drugs have outstripped illegal drugs as a cause of death. An analysis of 168,900 autopsies conducted in Florida in 2007 found that three times as many people were killed by legal drugs as by cocaine, heroin and all methamphetamines put together. According to state law enforcement officials, this is a sign of a burgeoning prescription drug abuse problem.


According to the DEA, the number of people abusing prescription drugs in the United States has jumped 80 percent in six years to seven million, or more than those abusing cocaine, Ecstasy, heroin, hallucinogens an inhalants put together.

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs


desi said...

Wow. Seriously bad news. We need to do something to stop this epidemic before it claims any more of us. We need to all get behind CCHR on this one, without caring about religious differences. It has become too awful a problem. Wake up and save our kids!

Grahame said...

I totally agree.

richard said...

Maybe It's time for a web site to be dedicated to something on the order of " I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more". A place where people can tell their story, were they can show there opposition. A place people can voice there complaints about drugs and the people prescribing them and the companies that make them. Wouldn't it be good if such a site was built that would become flooded with stories and complaints with the intent that these stories and comments/complaints will be forwarded through a database for distribution to the websites and email address of medical doctors, drug companies politicians and lawyers. Shining the light of day where ever it would make the most impact in order to force responsible behavior into the laps of the makers and the prescribes and the bodies that govern them.
Just A Thought

Grahame said...

Great idea richard